#MSS2011 Welcome to the Longhouse & Pasar Ikan Bakar – Day 3 (Part 3)

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The longhouse is situated in the jungle, though not exactly in the heart of the jungle so we won’t be sleeping with apes, mind you. However, we were already in the Important Bird Area (IBA), an internationally important site for conserving birds and other biodiversity. As what Dato Anthony Yeo informed, migratory birds come to Genting too and the virgin jungle is where they are. The Important Bird Area (IBA) was Officially Launched by YB Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit; Deputy Minister of Tourism.

If you think of coming here or if you want to learn more about the IBA, etc, you can visit www.mns.org.my, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and even update yourself on upcoming activities at MNS.


Loooongggghouse.. How long is long? About 50 feet at least. There are 5 rooms at the longhouse, sort of a dormitory type. By the time we arrived, it was already getting dark so we’re told to freshen up and then have our dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar at 8pm. Even though the name of the place is Pasar Ikan Bakar (Malay word translated as Grilled Fish Market), it is not a market. It is actually a restaurant with Thai style seats and fresh seafood.

The thought of food after so much fun of abseiling is mouth watering. So, we went up to the longhouse to check in to our rooms and freshen up. All of us are divided to four rooms. Two rooms for the boys and two rooms for the girls. I was at room 3 with Siti, Dian, Fyruz, Rizma, Suzan and Ester. Siti, Fie and I decided to shower after dinner and after the night activity that we’re gonna have after our dinner. We went to Pasar Ikan Bakar with our stomachs growling.

While having our dinner, we were serenaded by the Mercy Akoustika Band. The singer have an amazing voice and not only can this pretty lady sing in English, Malay and Indonesian, she also sings in Spanish. Of course, knowing that our MSS Mommy can also sing and since there’s a microphone nearby, Amelia was also being thrown into the limelight to serenade us. She can really control her vocal chords in this cold weather!

Serenaded at Pasar Ikan Bakar

Not only we were filling our tummies, we also chat and mingled and this is when I found out that few months ago, there was a trending topic on Indonesia twitter #jodohSuzan which was started by Suzan’s friend to find her a boyfriend since she had been single for more than 2 years. :-D She’s got some very concerned friends. :lol: So dear readers, if you’re single and would like a girlfriend, Suzan is available. She is very nice and sporting! :-)

After dinner, we were told to gather in front of the longhouse for the “night activity”. I was at first afraid at the type of activity they have in store for us – I certainly don’t want to be left in the middle of the jungle with tigers and pontianaks lurking around! :-P So, praying it isn’t some crazy “night activity”, we walked back to the longhouse after we’re full, preparing for another round of awesome madness.

Come along guys, join me at the “night activity” ya!


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  1. says

    Wuah!! So you guys would be staying at the Longhouse for the night??? :) Speaking of Longhouses, I've never been to one.. although my late grandad on my mom's side does own a longhouse back in Sarawak. My mom is currently in Kuching staying at the longhouse as of right now because she has a family reunion.

    Why no pics of the ikan bakar? But yeah.. better lah also. If not, I'll be salivating like anything right now! hahahahaha.. :) Pasar Ikan Bakar sounds heavenly especially kat bandar ni it's so difficult to find good and fresh fish.

    HAhahaa I think I should start that twitter trending topic for my sister too!! LOL!
    My recent post We Run This

    • says

      Yup Shem, we're staying at the longhouse!! Woohoo memang lah I tak pernah stay at longhouse.. But this one modern longhouse lah got electricity, so many power point and even water heater in the bathrooms.. Haha.. Why you never go to your mom's side punya longhouse? Mesti best ni.. You late grandad owned the whole longhouse ke? How come? Is he a tribe leader or something? Well, actually I also don't know much about longhouses and their owners.. :p

      Haha Ikan Bakar finish kena sapu already before I get to take pics.. No lah, actually I was busy eating first.. I ate the delish ketam bakar, sotong bakar is heaven and so much much more.. Sampai pakai dua2 tangan makan, sebab tu takde gambar food, takut kotor kena tangan.. LOL!

      Don't let your sister know about the trending topic though.. HAHA! :D
      My recent post #MSS2011 It’s time to go home – Day 5

  2. says

    Longhouse? I've only seen a longhouse in a book.. lol :D
    But this looks so interesting.. The restaurant looks so nice too with such dining settings… Can't wait for the video doll! ;)

  3. Suriani says

    uish cantik tempat makan tu… saya pun tak pernah dok longhouse… tak sangka kat semenanjung ni pun ada longhouse yek.. tak sabar nak baca part yang seterusnya… saya nak join night activity! hehehe

  4. says

    I never knew there was a longhouse in the Peninsular but it's good to know, at least you don't have to go as far as Sarawak to sleep or even see one.. I have to admit when I read the name of the restaurant I wondered what a fish market is doing in the middle of the jungle but I saw the video and the food looks tempting as well as the good music accompanying the dinner. Wow you guys must be contented! B)

    • says

      Yeah, on the jungle trekking day we were told there were wild boars because of some marks on the ground.. There are other wild animals but not the big ones lah.. No elephants gonna come stomp us to death in our sleeps, don't worry.. :p
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