Feeding and Playing with My Asian Palm Civet

If you have read My Palm Civet Story, you would know that I have been hand-rearing an Asian Palm Civet since she was a day old. My Palm Civet, whom I named Luca has grown to be a very beautiful and cheeky girl. She just turned one year old on 29th October 2019.

See, I’ve never had a Palm Civet as pet before. I’ve also not known many people who have taken care of Palm Civets since they were a day old. From Palm Civet owner forums that I have joined, I’ve never been given a clear information on the do’s and don’ts of Palm Civets.

Naturally, most of the information I get for Luca is from Dr. Vellayan of Exotic Animal Veterinary.

What Do I Feed My Asian Palm Civet?

First and foremostly, did you know that Civets are omnivores? They eat fruits and meat.

From my observation with Luca, she prefers fruits more than meat. Her favourite fruits are chickus (sapodilla/ sapota), mangoes and bananas. Sometimes she would also eat some papayas, but not too much.

All these fruits are not ripe like we humans prefer. If you’re preparing the fruits for your pet civet, make sure to find for them fruits that are almost ripe (not too ripe) because of the sugar level. In the wild, civets will find fruits that are not too ripe as their daily diet. So if you have a civet as pet, make sure you give them the right diet so that they will not have any internal organ complications or health issues like diabetes.

Ripening Stages of Bananas

If you look at the photo of the ripen stages of Bananas, Luca’s favourite Banana (ripen stage) would be #4 – #5. She would eat #6 but only one or two fingers. She does not like #7.

Everyday at around 10am, I would make a smoothie for Luca. The smoothie consists of:

  • 1 finger of Banana (I use Pisang Berangan/ Musa acuminata)
  • 1/4 green apple (peeled skin)
  • 5ml Milkodog Powder Milk
Palm Civet Eating
Luca eating her smoothie

I would blend all three of these with about ~80ml of plain water and let her drink it in the morning. She would have half of this in the morning before she goes to sleep and finish the remaining half in the evening and continues her sleep again.

I have been giving her smoothie since she was around 4 months old. It is the best way to get liquid into her body because she does not like drinking plain water – not enough, anyway. Also, the blended banana and apple makes her full and gives her extra vitamins.

I gave Luca Milkodog Powder Milk because it has all the good vitamins and minerals for her. Calcium is very important for wild animals. If you do not give your civet milk powder, do purchase calcium powder from reputed veterinary and mix it with your civet’s food daily (about a teaspoon per day). Wild animals with calcium deficiency will have very bad outcome to their physique.

Palm Civet Food
Luca LOVES Chiku!

When she wakes up from sleep around 8pm, I would be ready to give her fruits. I would cut up some mangoes, chikus and bananas for her. However, I do not mix them. I would just give different fruit each day.

I notice that Luca loves Waterlily Mangoes more than Indian Mangoes, Apple Mangoes, or Chokanan Mangoes. Waterlily Mangoes are not sweet but the peeled fruit is smooth and juicy.

After she finishes the fruits, she would play with me, walk around (exercising), climb things or sometimes cuddle on or near me.

Before midnight, I will then give her chicken meat. I started with 70g of chicken meat when she was 7months old and slowly increased 10g every month until 100g. I’m still only giving her 100g per month now that she’s 1 year old.

So far, from her recent medical check-ups, her faeces are good and healthy.

Asian Palm Civet Sleeping and Playtime

Since she was a baby, Luca would sleep in the day and be awake at night. This is the routine of a civet. If your civet have different sleeping habit, you should be worried.

Palm Civet Sleep
Luca just love her Flannel and getting ready to sleep

Do not change their habit to suit yours. They are wild animals and are naturally made to follow their own body clock. If you want to raise them as pets, do respect that they are not humans and this is how they are made.

Around 9am, Luca is already starting to relax and are not active. By 10am after she has her smoothie, she would start licking herself before curling up to sleep.

Palm Civet Sleep
Luca sometimes sleep under her Flannel “tent”
Palm Civet sleep
Sometimes she just love being wrapped up in her Flannel Blanket

I let Luca sleep on my bed. I bought her a Large Flannel Blanket which she loved. I would surround her with pillows, turn on the air conditioner (24°C) and yes, she would sleep soundly until the evening.

Luca would wake up around 7.30pm – 8pm. After finishing some of her leftover smoothie or eating some fruits, I would immediately bring her to the toilet to do her business. I would tell her to “shee shee” and she would urinate or I would tell her to “poo poo” and she would pass stool.

* property of Luca The Civet. DO NOT copy this video.

I showed this same video to Dr. Vellayan and he even shared it to his vet friends. They were surprised at how tame my Luca is and that she even understand instructions.

After finish doing her business, she would walk around my room, climb on my dressers, run around with me or just sit in one corner watching me do my work at my worktable.

This would go on until around 11pm where I would feed her some meat before bringing her to her playroom. At her playroom, she can climb on her own pole, walk around, cuddle in a corner and also do her “business”.

I do not keep her in my room at night because of her active nature. My husband and I wouldn’t get enough sleep if we have Luca in our room at night.

Do you have a pet civet?

There are many types of civet in this world. I would love to know if you have a pet civet and how you take care of him/her. Do leave your comments or share your experience with your civet (and photos!) by contacting me via email!

Luca has a new social media account! Do follow Luca’s Instagram at Luca The Civet today!

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