Experience a 5-Star Spa Experience at Home with Natural Lulur Scrub Asianic

According to recent research, humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour – about 1.5 pounds a year. Humans shed and re-grow outer skin cells every 27 days – almost 1,000 new skins in a lifetime. – cited from Human Body Facts.

Even so, sometimes we need to help our skin to shed off access dead skin or grime. This can be done not just by showering but by scrubbing – either using the loofah or body scrub.

There are many body scrub products being sold today. Some of these products are processed and mixed with chemicals whereas some are made with natural ingredients to help care for the skin for the long term.

Blogger Day with Lulur Scrub Asianic Latest Products

I was lucky a few days ago to be invited to a blogger day with Asianic at to check out their latest product – which is the Lulur Scrub Asianic range.


There are four (4) Lulur Scrub Asianic with amazing smells that includes:

  1. Seri 7 Bunga (7 types of flowers)
  2. Betik (Papaya)
  3. Susu Beras (Rice Milk)
  4. Delima (Pomegranate)

I was lucky to try out these products on my skin, which out of the four, I would have to say that my favourite is the Susu Beras (Rice Milk). Susu Beras (Rice Milk) scent is commonly used at my spa whenever a customer would request for a Full Body Scrub.

There were many activities involved during the Blogger Day which includes lucky draw, product explanation by the owner, mingling and sharing of activities on social media.

Yes! I won!

Natural Lulur Scrub Asianic

In Bahasa Malaysia, lulur translates as scrub. Scrubbing is a technique that has been practiced for many years, one of Cleopatra’s favourite practices (among others) – who is extremely famous for her beauty regime.

According to Asianic’s owner Mdm Leny, one ¬†of the reasons we need to regularly scrub ourselves, albeit body or face is to eliminate extra grime, excess oil and dirt that could be trapped in our pores. If these things are not eliminated properly, it can cause acne or dark skin (especially at the folds of our bodies).

These lulur scrubs can help make your skin softer, more refined, fairer and lessen body odour (if any). With consistent use, the lulur scrub Asianic can help improve your skin texture too, lessening the effects of dehydration or dry skin.

Product Ingredients

If you’re one like me who needs to know what ingredients are added into a certain product, the owner assured us that Lulur Scrub Asianic are not harmful to the skin because it does not contain SLES, Paraben and Silicone.

Lately, with the news that has been circulating of unsafe products or fake products being sold in the market, it is always better to be extra aware of the products you would use for your face or body. As a consumer, you must be smart and make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing any products on the shelves.

As an example, here is a list of the ingredients (as per product container) used for Lulur Scrub Asianic Seri 7 Bunga – aqua, polyethylene, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, acetyl alcohol, mineral oil, cyclopentasiloxane, ceteareth 20, cycloheasiloxane, cera alba (beeswax), fragrance, phenoxyethanol, sodium polyacrylate, c18-21 alkane, glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) extract, tetrasodium edta, allantoin, ci 14720, trideceth-6, methylisothiazolinone, rose centifolia (rose) flower extract.

Other lulur scrub Asianic has pretty much the same ingredients except for the final “extract”.

Do It Yourself or Bring It To A Spa

Are you the kind of person who likes to scrub yourself at home or go to the spa and have someone else do it for you? If you ask me, I love having someone do everything for me as I just lie down and let my mind wander far away.

If you’re like me, don’t worry, you can always take any one or all of the Lulur Scrub Asianic range to your favourite spa and have them use it on your body.

Or, you could try to make a romantic evening with your partner, set up some scented candlelights and run a hot bath so that your could enjoy yourselves after a I-scrub-you and you-scrub-me session together. Hey, what a way to help strengthen your relationship!

Where can you purchase the Lulur Scrub Asianic products?

All Asianic products are available at any of Malaysia’s major supermarkets, pharmacies and retail stores near you. The products can also be bought online at AladdinStreet.com, Lazada, 11Street, Coopmall.my, Cmasamy, Facebook Asianic Halal and wonderlandprimary.com.

The Lulur Scrub Asianic range are priced at RM16.90 per 250ml bottle.

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