Lee Min-Ho Discharging from Army Soon and We Are Excited!

So, April 25th is just around the corner and if you’re a fan of the tall, handsome Hallyu actor-superstar Lee Min-Ho, you would have had this date marked on your calendar already.

Why? Because he’s discharging from the army!

Let it be known that 18 months without the gorgeous Lee Min-Ho gracing the TV screen is just too much for his fans WORLDWIDE! For fans who are in South Korea, I’m pretty sure they are ready to welcome him as soon as he’s being discharged and being driven away in his chauffeured car.

Rewatch Lee Min-Ho Dramas or Movies Before 25th April

If you’re a fan of Lee Min-Ho, then surely you have watched all his dramas and movies at least three times, right? So, what are your favourite?

Since there are only 5 days to go before we celebrate Lee Min-Ho’s ascension to the real world (that sounds more dramatic), here are some of his best dramas and movies to indulge in for the next five days as fans await the return of South Korea’s favourite Hallyu King.

Day 1: Boys Over Flowers (Drama Series)

Lee Min Ho Boys Over Flowers

Ahh, Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min-Ho) and his awkward first love and first kiss with Geum Jan-Di (Ku Hye-Sun). This might be a rather illogical drama series, what with the popular boy gang F4 and even the amnesia part would drive you a little crazy but how can you deny the sexiness of Lee Min-Ho – even with that crazy curly hair?

To top it off, there are the other equally swoon-worthy boys like Kim Hyun-Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

Let’s not deny that we’ve all felt that twinge of jealousy when Gu Jun-Pyo flew Geum Jan-Di in his helicopter above the Heart of Voh in New Caledonia. Many of us wished it was us in the helicopter, didn’t we?

Bingeing on Boys Over Flowers the dusk till dawn on Day 1!

Day 2: City Hunter (Drama Series)

Lee Min-Ho in an action-romance drama series involving guns, explosions and long moments of eye-contact would definitely be one of KDrama fans’ favourite!

Although this drama series is based on a Japanese manga series of the same title, the director and casts have certainly turned it very “Korean”, it being a South Korean – North Korea crisis which eventually turned out to be an “insider” betrayal of the top ranks.

You can get the gist of what would happen in the end but hey, a good looking Lee Min-Ho with young Justin Bieber’s hairstyle is just what you need to fill up your Day 2!

Day 3: The Heirs (Drama Series)

Lee Min Ho The Heirs

I must admit, this is one of my favourite drama series of Lee Min-Ho. He seemed to be in his element in this drama, even though he is already in his late 20-s and having to act as a high school senior.

Fight the bully for spilling food on your girl? I LOVE every confrontational part between Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) and Choi Young-Do (Kim Woo-Bin) in this drama because they all look so dramatic. The altercation near the stairwell, the altercation in the announcement room and even the silent tension all three of them had in Kim Tan’s home compound was perfectly done.

And back hugs are just so popular because of this drama!

I hope there’s a second season for this drama because the chemistry between Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hey are great. They should do the adult version of this drama – either into a drama series or a two and a half hour long movie.

Day 3 with The Heirs!

Day 4: Gangnam Blues (Movie)

If you’ve never seen this movie before, shame on you!

Lee Min-Ho stripping his clean-cut image and exchanging it for the gangster hitting-people-in-the-mud-and-killing-people would turn on action buffs all over the world. Of course he still carries that same charm he has on-screen but mix that with a bad-boy aura, you will fall more in love with this man.

And yes, he is showcasing more of his manliness instead of the teen type look in this movie. Well, it is a tough gang plot line about survival in the 1970s during the height of political corruption. It is also about how childhood friends and loyalty to the gang leader changes the past and present.

Indulge in an action-packed movie on Day 4!

Day 5: Bounty Hunters (Movie)

Lee Min Ho Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is a China-South Korea-Hong Kong production bringing actors and actresses from these three countries together. It is the last movie featuring Lee Min-Ho released in 2016 before he went in for his mandatory Army service the year after.

An action movie with some light comedy in between, it’s anti-terrorism plot will make you clench your stomach in anticipation or laughter as you enjoy each characters and their different personality.

I haven’t watched this movie yet so, maybe we can all watch this together on Day 5?

Short Series or Ad on Lee Min-Ho to Watch

How about the 7 First Kisses web series produced for Lotte Duty-Free Shop? Of course, there are other equally famous and good-looking Korean men in the web series like Lee Joon-Gi, Park Hae-Jin, Ji Chang-Wook, Kai (EXO), Ok Taec-yeon, Lee Jong-Suk and of course, Lee Min-Ho.

Or, you can watch some of his advertisements for Innisfree, Line and Cass Beer. Or, we can enjoy the video clip “Kiss” by Sandara Park with Lee Min-Ho in it.

One thing’s for sure, I can’t wait to see what Lee Min-Ho has in store for his fans this year or next!

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