Yuna Tweeting on Tom Hiddleston – Taylor Swift Lip Lock Act

Woke up in the morning today (Malaysian time), opened my Twitter while I’m still in bed (coz that’s usually the first thing I do in the morning, if I don’t answer messages on my Whatsapp first) and saw these damning photos and nearly dropped my phone on my face (which would hurt coz my Samsung Note 5 is pretty heavy).

I went, “Not you Tom! Nooooo!”

Obviously because I have loved Tom since the first time he was on screen as the adorable-yet-broken-inside, dark-haired brother of Thor. I thought to myself, “I Loki did not see this coming.” Yeah sure, Taylor Swift has dated a range of guys in her time from the likes of Taylor Lautner to Jake Gyllenhaal, but after her breakup with Calvin Harris two weeks ago, you’d think she was somewhere getting her ex off her mind by doing yoga or scuba diving, maybe.

Nope. She’s out by the beach smooching Tom Hiddleston. Very Nicholas Sparks.

Even my girlfriend immediately private messaged me on Instagram with a “look at that” emoji. We both couldn’t believe it although, I am the more “verbal” of us two.

I wouldn’t say that I lose respect of Tom Hiddleston like some fans are going about online (I wouldn’t go that far!) but come on Tom, you can do better! Or maybe he would rather end up being in one of her albums? Well, to each their own, right?

Tom Hiddleston - Taylor Swift

Some people are saying this is just a gimmick. Lots and lots of comments going on online right now, the web is on fire circulating pictures of the duo and also putting up news of the “real” reason Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up. Cheating rumours are never cool, not even in the entertainment industry.

The best part is, even Malaysia’s own Yuna tweeted something about the Taylor-Tom news. Sadly though Yuna, Tom is not that Yum anymore.

Tom Hiddleston - Taylor Swift

Any Tom Hiddleston or Taylor Swift fans out there? How are you handling this news so far?

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