Gila Gadgets Senawang : Your Quick and Convenient Face-To-Face Smartphone Repair Shop

Almost everyone in this country uses smartphone, which nowadays has become more of a necessity instead of a trend – especially with the introduction of apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and Social Medias. Not only that but most of us these days rely heavily on our smartphones for work.

When our smartphones does not work right or it’s screen cracked (or even broke to pieces), we get stressed. Not only because these problems hinders our work or our regular “break time” on social media, but also because fixing the “problems” could cost higher than we would fork our money out.

So, the next best thing? Find a smartphone repair shop.

And what’s better than a smartphone repair shop that does face-to-face repair?

Gila Gadgets Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

Any of you from Senawang, Negeri Sembilan? If you are, you would thank me for introducing Gila Gadgets Smartphone Repair Shop to you today.

Gila Gadgets Senawang is one of a few smartphone repair shops that can be found in the country today. However, how many smartphone repair shops that actually does face-to-face repairs and done by experienced technicians too! If you’re in Senawang and you have troubles with your smartphone or other gadgets, you can go to Gila Gadgets and get your smartphone diagnosed and repaired – on the spot!

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop
Your iPhone’s LCD looks like a spiderweb? No worries, problem fixed!

Gila Gadgets Senawang repairs both Android and iOS phones. However, you should call them up first at 018-966 6531 or message them on Facebook to inquire if they would repair your particular type of phone (inform them your phone model would suffice).

Most of the issues a regular smartphone faces can be fixed at Gila Gadgets Senawang on the spot. Some problems can be fixed in only about 30-minutes! But sometimes if the problem is bigger or require a more in-depth check-up, you might have to leave your smartphone behind.

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

Prices are affordable, depending on the severity of your problem. If however, your smartphone’s problem is huge and the price tag of fixing it is very high, they usually would advice you on something else so, keep an open mind when you’re here for a service.

Accessories and Others At Gila Gadgets Senawang

I love seeing so many other gadgets available at Gila Gadgets Senawang. My husband’s family lives in Senawang and he had been to this shop before when he brought his mom’s smartphone for a fix.

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop
Affordable brands for your hobby

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

You would be able to find many rows of accesories for your smartphone like phone cover, charger, powerbank, iPad cover, screen protector, cable and many more. There are also other gadgets avaiable like headphone, earphone, earphone casing, action camera, action camera’s casings and many more.

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

I absolutely adore these cute earphone casings. Not only are they cute, they are also very helpful – keeping your long-wire earphones in place and untangled. If I didn’t already have my SUDIO Earphones, I would definitely get that Captain America earphone casing.

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

Senawang Smartphone Repair Shop

So guys, if you’re in Senawang or living nearby Senawang area and have a problem with your smartphone, do come to Gila Gadgets Senawang so that your smartphone’s problems can be diagnosed and fixed at an affordable price.

Or better yet, just come to Gila Gadgets Senawang to check out their quality accessories and buy them for your gadgets!

Gila Gadgets Senawang
No 18, Jalan BPS 3, Bandar Prima Senawang,
70450 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Phone: 018- 966 6531
Operation Hours: 10am – 1opm

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