Repair Smartphones at Gila Gadgets Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur

Only recently, I was at Taman Permata in Kuala Lumpur to purchase some ribbons and water pearls for my dress when I came across Gila Gadgets Smartphone Repair Shop in Taman Permata. I didn’t know there were other Gila Gadgets outlet apart from the Gila Gadgets Senawang that I went to last year.

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

So after purchasing some of the accesories I wanted for my dress, I decided to check out Gila Gadgets Taman Permata to see if I could purchase a cable to charge my old Samsung Note 5 since lately it takes a long time for the phone to charge.

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur

The location of Gila Gadgets Taman Permata is quite strategic and easily accessible to both return and new customers. As I stepped in to the shop, it was filled with many smartphone accessories as well as the station for face-to-face smartphone or electronic repairs.

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

Similar to Gila Gadgets Senawang, if you have a problem with your electronic gadget, the technician will check it first to determine the problem, inform you what is the problem and if something needs to be replaced and if you agree, will repair the gadget right in front of you.

So far, Gila Gadgets accepts both Android and iOS smartphones. Sometimes they also accept iPad or laptops with minor electronic problems to fix.

Services at Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

Some of the services you could find at Gila Gadgets Taman Permata are:

  1. FREE diagnose of smartphone’s or gadget’s issue
  2. 30 minutes face-to-face service of smartphone or gadget (for minor cases)
  3. Battery replacement
  4. LCD cracked or disfunction
  5. Smartphone or gadget not responding or turning on
  6. Smartphone or gadget slow
  7. Water damage
  8. Others (call to inquire beforehand)

In my case, I didn’t have a gadget to repair but I was looking for a new cable to charge my phone. However, before purchasing the new cable, I just asked the technician to check if it really was my cable that was the problem or if it was my phone.

As the technician check out the condition of my phone, I managed to walk around the shop to see some other accesories available. Some of the accessories like powerbank, Bluetooth speaker, iPhone adapter and many others are priced affordably yet they are also of good quality. There are of course both original accessories as well as the “cheaper version” accessories.

After only a few minutes, the technician informed me that my phone was having a little problem and the cable also plays a part in draining the battery of my phone. However, he adviced that with a little TLC to my 3 year-old smartphone, it can still work well for another year.

So, at a price of RM10, I purchased the new cable for my smartphone, hoping it would still last another year or so.

Reliable Smartphone Repair Shop, Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

After I got home and charged my phone with the new cable, I noticed that it charged faster and the battery did not drain as fast as it did before. There were some small hiccups though but it was understandable considering the smartphone is already more than 3 years-old.

If you’re anywhere near Taman Permata Kuala Lumpur and is having trouble with your smartphone or other gadgets, do drop by Gila Gadgets Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur for troubleshoot or repairing of your smartphone.

See some of the smartphones that were under repair when I was there:

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata

Who knows? Maybe it could save you from forking out hundreds or thousands of Ringgit to purchase a new smartphone – if what it took was to repair the little problem of your old-but-still-good smartphone.

Gila Gadgets Taman Permata
No. 2759, Jalan Cangkat Permata, Taman Permata, 53300, Kuala Lumpur
Landmark : Area Giant Taman Permata
Waktu Operasi: 10am-10pm
Phone: 018-966 6531 (admin)
Instagram: GGTamanPermata
Update: Gila Gadgets Shah Alam is also available now.

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