Enjoying Ola Bola Musical at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur with Honda

If you’ve watched the movie Ola Bola that was out in 2016, you would get the gist of what you would get at the Ola Bola Musical.

The musical‘s storyline is the same as the movie and in real life – about Malaysia’s football team, “Harimau Malaya” who tried their best to get in to the 1980 World Cup. When I first watched the movie Ola Bola, it brought the “love-Malaysia” spirit and on the day I was going to watch Ola Bola Musical at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur, I hoped it would give me the same feeling as well.

Ola Bola Musical 2019 with Honda

Firstly, thanks Mani for winning the tickets and passing it to my husband and me. I have always loved musicals but this time, it was my husband who was more excited to watch Ola Bola Musical. One of the reasons I know have got to do with how much he enjoyed the movie.

Winners of Honda Ola Bola Musical 2019 received Stalls seats tickets. Before the show starts at 8pm, winners were allocated a special section on the second floor for light dining and refreshments. It suits both of us well since we were in such a hurry the whole day that the only meal we had was breakfast.

At the same time, Honda also had it’s CRV on display for potential CRV owners to check out and purchase.

Ola Bola Musical An Enjoyable Show

I loved it when before the show starts there was a team of 5 people beating on their instruments and one of them telling us to enjoy the show, teaching us the cheer we should make at different occasions throughout the “world cup qualifying games” and even asking us to do the Mexican Wave. He even addressed us audience as “Stadium Merdeka”.

After the compulsory National Anthem “Negaraku” was sung by everyone in Istana Budaya, Ola Bola Musical started and everyone was mesmerized.

It was evident how significant each characters are, from the very talkative Rahman (played by Iedil Putra) to the overly-excited Ong Tiam Chai (played by Lim Jian Wen), each cast emulates their characters incredibly well and very deeply.

My favourite would definitely be Sarjan Ahmad’s (played by Altimet) scene at the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, ATM’s (Malaysian Armed Forces) team building. The song “I Cover You” was very catchy and meaningful – a song about trust and working together as a team. And when they also sang ATM’s patriotic theme song “Perajurit Tanah Air” or best known as “Inilah Barisan Kita”, it definitely tugged a string or two in my heart. Being a daughter to a retired Navy Officer brings the patriotism in me sometimes.

And of course, the final scene; the “battle” during the qualifying match for Harimau Malaya to enter World Cup 1980 was not only entertaining (I loved the slow-motion parts) but it certainly reminisced the excitement Malaysian football supporters had back then. I wouldn’t know it first hand though since I was not born yet that year – well actually, my parents weren’t even married yet that year!

By the end of the musical, it was only fit for all the audience to give the casts a standing ovation.

Ola Bola Musical After-Show Photo Session and Meet and Greet

Since my husband and I went under Honda’s flagship, we were lucky enough to get to meet Altimet, Nabila Huda and the Harimau Malaya team for a group photo. This was when I first realized how tall Altimet was, LOL!

If you want to take photos with the cast and get their autographs, you would have to purchase the Ola Bola Musical merchandise first. The meet and greet could be quite long, so you just make sure to queue quickly at the designated place so that you won’t be left out.

Since I’ve always loved collecting programme books from all the musicals I went to, I decided to get the casts to leave their signatures on my Ola Bola Musical programme book.

With the ultimate Altimet as “Sarjan Ahmad”

At the meet and greet, my husband and I managed to grab photos and signatures of some of the casts like Iedil Putra (who plays as Rahman), Tony Eusoff (who plays as Coach Harry Mountain), Altimet (who plays as Sarjan Ahmad), Brian Chan (who plays as “Tauke” Chow Kwok Keong), Hafeez Mikail (who plays as Eric) and Lim Jian Wen (who plays as Ong Tiam Chai).

In my opinion, Ola Bola Musical is an overall memorable musical and is suitable for both musical lovers and the regular folks (not saying this in a condescending manner at all).

If you’re interested in watching Ola Bola Musical at Istana Budaya, make sure to get your show tickets ASAP since the last show will be on 10th of March (last day was supposed to be 3rd March but they extended the date due to the love and requests from fans).

Let’s have some fun and support Harimau Malaya!

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