Final Farewell at Boyzone Concert in Malaysia

It was like going back to 1996, the first time I went to Boyzone‘s concert wearing my Boyzone Swatch watch (the entry “ticket”) on my left wrist. Back then, I went to the concert by myself (after my parents drop me off right at the entrance) and was so excited to see all the boys live – Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch, and my favourite, Stephen Gately.

Last Friday though, there were only four of them at Shah Alam’s Stadium Malawati, sadly since Stephen passed away 10 years ago from heart complications. It may not be the same as it was back in 1996, we’ve all grown up haven’t we? – but it was still memorable and sweet.

Boyzone Concert “Thank You And Goodnight Farewell” in Kuala Lumpur

Boyzone In Kuala Lumpur, 14th June 2019

The concert this time was held at Shah Alam’s Stadium Malawati, since the first time Boyzone came last year (also for the Farewell concert) was held at Axiata Stadium, Bukit Jalil. I’ve been to a Boyzone concert two times before and this was my third (and final) time.

It was a surprise to see that the opening act for Boyzone was Brian McFadden, one of the ex member of Westlife. It had been years since I last seen Bryan too, when he was still with Westlife. I actually went to Westlife’s concert 3 times in my life.

As Ronan said sometime halfway through the concert, “We thought last year was the last time we would be coming to Malaysia and celebrate our fans but the organizer brought us here again for the real one last time to say goodbye to all of you.”

That was sad, but yeah, lucky me since I was out of town when they came last year so it was a hoot that I got to see them this year before they really went their separate ways.

Anyways, rewind.

I was so glad that my friends, my husband and I got the lower level seats because we were seriously in need of getting close to the stage. Many things that happened that night really reminisced my first concert experience with Boyzone, for instance the location we were at: many years ago, I too was sitting at the back but eventually “snaked” my way to the front of the stage after a few songs into the concert.

Oh, what a walk down memory lane.

I truly loved the “tribute” the boys did for Stephen – the interview they made about how Stephen was a homosexual and the pressure he had back when news broke out about his true orientation. The boys truly showed how much they loved him, regardless of his orientation.

I was a little pissed off though when I overheard some of the audience around me who did not even know which member is which, and worse, they did not even know that Stephen has passed away. So when the other boys did the “tribute” for him with the song “Dream” and “Every Day I Love You”, these people was asking, “Who’s that?” I wonder why they came to a concert they have no idea about – oh wait, because they got free tickets! Pff!

The first part of the concert was a little dull when everyone was just sitting stiffly in their own seats – me especially sandwhiched in the middle of the row. However, when Ronan told the audience to stand up and come close to the stage and “have fun”, things really took a turn.

I enjoyed every bit of the concert and like I said, it brought back so many happy memories of 25 years ago. I sang along to pretty much every song that they sang – and REMEMBERED EACH LYRIC even though I haven’t sang Boyzone’s songs for many years. Good memories are always there in our mind, isn’t it?

Keith told us that the night will be filled with the songs that first got them popular, the songs of the good 90’s like “Baby Can I Hold You”, “I Love The Way You Love Me”, “Father And Son”, “Key To My Life”, “Words”, “Love Me For A Reason”, “No Matter What”, “A Different Beat” and many more. Of course they also sang a handful songs from their new album like “Who We Are”, “Love Is A Hurricane” and “Talk About Love”, but their old songs are the ones that get more interaction from the audience.

It was sad to say goodbye when they sang the last song and did the last bow after the encore but I am sure that true fans of Boyzone would never forget this superb and final show for another 20 years and more!

Thank you Boyzone for the soothing music and memories you’ve given your fans.

Thank you to Wowstar Creative Entertainment for bringing Boyzone back to Malaysia one last time.

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