My “Licence To Thrill – A Bond Concert” Experience

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Last November, between 14th to 16th, Istana Budaya hosted the Licence To Thrill : A Bond Concert musical showcasing Malaysia’s own divas and West End boys to make the Bond concert a success. 

Did you guys watch it too?

Bond Girls

Licence To Thrill: A Bond Concert

Powerhouses Jaclyn Victor, Salamiah Hassan and Nikki Palikat stole the show with their amazing voices.

Belting out “For Your Eyes Only”, “Licence To Kill”, “From Russia With Love”, and a few others, Jaclyn Victor brought goosebumps and received the loudest clap and cheers whenever she finish singing a song. The songs suits her high notes well and her dressess certainly “kills” the men in the front rows, LOL. She looked gorgeous.

Salamiah Hassan is not one to be ignored either, with her red sequinned dress singing “Diamonds Are Forever” in such a diva-esque way that you might actually go to the nearest Tiffany & Co. store, buy a diamond ring (or something) and present it to her on stage. While some ladies’ shining light might have dulled at her age, Salamiah Hassan shines brighter (and rocked the shiny dresses too) while singing “Goldfinger”.

In case you didn’t know, Nikki Palikat was also a finalist in the first season of Malaysian Idol – the season that Jaclyn Victor won. It is definitely not easy to sing Madonna’s “Die Another Day”, especially in a tight-fitting dress and super high heels. Although no one can sing Madonna’s song like Madonna herself, I think Nikki did quite well with “Skyfall” though.

The two men in this production are the West End “boys” – David Shannon and Simon Bailey who did (more than) justice to the songs “Thunderball”, “Live and Let Die”, “A View To Kill” and other medleys and duets.

Dancers & Musicians

The choreography to the songs in the Bond concert is by Mohd Yunus Ismail. I like the dances but the dancers, not so much. There were more than a handful mistakes here and there on that day and it is slightly distracting to me, as an audience, when all I wanna see is the big picture – singer on stage, musicians in the background and dancers dancing in sync at their designated places.

I am, however, blown away with the band. The musicians are incredible, led by Music Director, Lee Sze Wan. Kudos to her and the musicians!

End Of Licence To Thrill : A Bond Concert

Since I only went on the last day of the show, I couldn’t compare the energy of the show with the earlier ones. Although everyone wishes for the best and highest energy when it comes to live shows and musicals, it all falls back to human error or luck when the day of the show comes. There can never be 100% perfection in a live show.

Licence to Thrill

I do enjoy the signing at the end of the show though. After the show, patrons are able to purchase merchandises or program books and meet & greet with the main casts of the show. Super love them!

Licence To Kill: A Bond Concert
Salamiah Hassan
Licence To Kill: A Bond Concert
Jaclyn Victor
Licence To Kill: A Bond Concert
Simon Bailey
Licence To Kill: A Bond Concert
David Shannon

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