One Day at Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Fest 2015

Stand up comedies has always been my thing, it started years ago when stress is the main agenda of my every day life. This started back in my college days, because studying BioMed is not fun at all, I tell you. In addition to that, I was in a relationship with someone who believes “laughter is the best medicine”, so we would both end up watching comedies online every other night just to release ourselves from stress.

This love of comedy continued until now, the relationship did not though. 😆

I’ve always loved stand up comedies in comparison to slapstick comedies. Slapstick comedies are often a “miss” to me because not everybody can get into their “character” and play it out well on stage. However, when I saw the lineup of last night’s Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Fest comedians and the different styles they bring to the table, I knew I had to go and see them for myself.

The Amazing Comedians of Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Fest

There were three time-slots of shows that brings these acts to the center stage :

  1. A Magician-Comedian from New Zealand
  2. A Group of Slapstick Comedians from Korea
  3. Many Stand-Up Comedians from All Over The World

Jarred Fell and “Magic”

Jarred Fell

I got to sit at the third row and boy, was I glad. Who wouldn’t want to see an X-rated toy up-close? Something I’ve never seen in my whole life before actually.

Jarred’s comedy are highly X-rated, he curse a lot and does all this “suggestive” moves to the audiences he calls on-stage. So, bringing your kids to his comedy show is not advisable. Actually, most comedians curse a lot, uses double entendres just to liven up the show. It would be funny for adults but if you wouldn’t want your kids to repeat it to his 8-year old friends in school the next day, make sure you hire a nanny for the little one before coming to this kinda show.

Jarred would, in many ways, “sacrifice” himself for the audience. In the name of comedy and his “magic”, he actually wrapped his face with duct tape (in the most painful looking way possible) just so that he can guess a shape that one of the audience drew on a piece of blank paper.

But hey, he did guess it right.

For the sake of comedy, he is a superb magician-comedian there is out there!

The Korean ONG-ALS


Like I said at the top, I don’t really like slapstick comedies because I’ve had a few “misses” when it comes to the things that they try to project but the ONG-ALS changed my perspective 1800. It was the most hilarious act I have been to for quite a while, and sitting at the front row was not helping either – having been targeted by the comedians three times in a row, although I would have to say, the one guy whom they targetted throughout the whole show is truly sporting (and thank god for being hilariously clueless!).

These guys deserves the standing ovation at the end of the show, from their silliness, their skilled performances, their beat-boxing skills and many more.

Never skip these guys if they have a show near you!

The Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Fest Gala Night

The Gala Night brought many stand-up comedians from all over the world for a night of complete fun and laughter. It also brings many people from around KL – VVIPs, VIPs, you and me.

Harith Iskander welcoming the VIPs and guests

These are names of comedians that I remember :

  1. Mica
  2. Nazeem Hussain
  3. Rex Navareete
  4. Jon Atherthon
  5. Tom Rhodes
  6. Barry Hilton
  7. Paul Ogata
  8. Gina Yashere
It’s Paul Ogata. First time seeing this man and I’m now a fan!
Gina Yashere is crazy guys!
with Rizal van Geyzal
With Harith Iskander
Some of Malaysia’s own comic (Bahasa Malaysia and English)

Mica was the winner from the Open Mic competition.

Some of these comedians I’ve seen a couple of times before. Tom Rhodes and Paul Ogata have been to Malaysia a few times and I love how they can turn a spontaneous idea into something really hilarious on stage. I think a person needs very active neurons in their brain to make a spontaneous idea work for them as a comedian – because for most poeple, our mind would tend to trail off to something very un-funny if we didn’t script it beforehand.

I can’t really describe what happened throughout the 2-hour show because it wouldn’t be the same re-telling something funny that belonged to someone else. What I can say is this: “Go to the shows if you haven’t been to one. If you’re not a comedy fan, just go. You will love it, you really will.”


There will be more shows until next Thursday. The venue for the shows will be at different places, such as Jaya One, Publika and The Crackhouse.

The idea of having the first ever Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015 is by Harith Iskander (although he tributes it to his wife) where he is supported by the local comedians to expose the local comedy scene and also to bring international comedians to Kuala Lumpur and allow fans of comedy to enjoy comedy without having to fork out a large sum for it.

Well, laughter is in fact the best medicine, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “One Day at Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Fest 2015

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    I went to the Ong Als and the Gala night. OH MY GOSH, it was awesomeee.
    I missed Jarred’s show though, the haze at the time was so bad I had passed on that. Really hope there will be a second one next year <3 Anyway first time here, nice blog 🙂

  • at

    I believe laughter IS the best medicine 😉 I read that laughter produces a chemical in your body that strengthens your immune system. Not sure how true that is but I’ll believe it =)

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    Tell me about it… it was an amazing evening… I however only manage to catch Ong Als which was super fabulous and also the Gala night…

  • at

    I was there too! haha. SUCH A GREAT EVENT i must say. hehe

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    The shows were so much fun, had great time there with my bunch of friends too 🙂

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    Was hoping that I would be able to make it but too many commitments at home. Boohoo… Hope I can go and enjoy myself at a comedy fest in the near future.

  • at

    Truly, laughter is the best 🙂 Loved the event, hopefully there will be more the next time round 🙂


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