Trip to Lion City for Grease Musical

It’s only May but this is already the third time I’m in Singapore for an event. This time though, it is compulsory to drag my bosom buddy, Kanmani for Grease Musical that was happening in Marina Bay Sands Sands Theatre.

We took the bus to Singapore on the morning of 2nd of May and was quite surprised that there were only 6 people on the double-decker bus, which left us both with an empty and spacious lower deck.

Funny part after arriving at Beach Road, we were looking high and low for Village Hotel which I won a 2 nights stay at. We walked up and down the street looking at buildings (eye-level) instead of looking up and missed the huge “V” sign at the top of Village Hotel. We felt really foolish wasting almost 20 minutes searching for a hotel that’s right in front of our nose. LOL!

Grease Musical in Marina Bay Sands Theatre

After checking in to our hotel, Mani and I immediately made our way to Marina Bay Sands via MRT, grateful that Village Hotel is very nearby MRT station. However, we dropped off at the wrong MRT station and had to change line to get to Marina Bay Sands. Ahh, I’ve been here before but I’m so forgetful!

We spend the afternoon walking around Gardens By The Bay and had an early dinner at Marina Bay Sands’ foodcourt before heading to the Sands Theatre at 7pm for the much awaited Grease Musical.

Oh wow, my eyes was bulging looking at all the merchandises available. But I’m on a tight budget and the exchange rate is not helping so I ended up buying only the compulsory mementos that I always buy when I go to musical theatres : the Programme Book and a Mug. Even these two costs about SGD60

Marina Bay Sands Theatre
Marina Bay Sands Theatre

Summer dreams ripped at the seams but oh those summer nights..

At first I thought the musical was going to be like the movie. I was wrong. There were parts that was similar to the movie but other parts was quite different, but on a whole, I loved it all.

If you’re a fan of Grease movie (or even if you’re not), you still should go and watch the Grease Musical, if not for anything else then definitely for the songs.

I’ve always thought I was born a little too late because I resonate more with songs in the 70s rather than songs of my time.

“Grease”, “Summer Nights”, “Hopelessly Devoted To You” and “Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee” are just amongst some of the beloved songs from Grease and the casts played them very well. Oh those T-Birds and Pink Ladies jackets are oh, so cute!

Marina Bay Sands Theatre
Yes, one more trip to Singapore for a musical with this nuthead

I only wished some of the audiences in my section would at least move to the songs and let loose a little. It is in fact, a fun musical! I felt a little suffocated when the person next to me look at me with censor when I start singing along to “You’re The One That I Want”. Come on guys, don’t be so stiff!

My recommendation for the musical? 9/10!

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