Lewré: 20 Years of Magnificence

Have you ever heard of the shoe brand called Lewré? If you’re Malaysian and you love shoes but you haven’t heard of this brand then, shame on you!

Lewré is an international brand from humble beginnings right in our own beautiful Malaysia. The brand first started in 1997 when Dato’ Lew, the founder of Lewré decided to create his own design and brand. Before that, Lewré first started as an OEM and later turned into ODM manufacturer under the trade name Roondy Trading Sdn Bhd (RTSB) in 1987.

Dato’ Lew, the founder and designer of Lewré.
Group chat with Dato’ Lew over some finger food and drinks

I was lucky to have met Dato’ Lew personally in The Gardens Mall where his Lewré Galleria was displayed recently. He shared his personal stories and also his dreams for the younger generation.

Lewré History

As I stated above, the brand Lewré first started in 1997 but the dream started many years before that, when Dato’ Lew was only 8 years old.

Living in a rubber tapping community, Dato’ Lew first started helping out his parents rubber tapping when he was 8 years old. Dato’ Lew came from a large family but making a living was not very easy for him and his family.

Dato’ Lew recalled the time he would wake up before dawn to go rubber tapping and finish just when the sun was about to rise, when the first ray of light would make it’s presence known. He talked about an incident when he was rushing home from tapping when he tripped from using his worn-out shoes and saw the sun ray bursting forth in the horizon. The ray gave him hope and inspired him that day – to be a better person and make a better living. That incident also contributed to Dato’ Lew and Lewré‘s new book, Luminous Ray.

When Dato’ Lew first start selling shoes, he only sells OEM and ODM manufacturer shoes to other international well-known designers, from UK and Italy. After selling his designs to them for a few years, he decided to design his own shoes under his own brand name. This is how Lewré was born in 1997.

The success of Lewré was contributed by a number of mentors and friends. Dato’ Lew’s first mentor Allan William from Australia was the person who taught him how to sketch shoes. His other mentor Kleinert Siegfried from Germany taught him about technical parts in shoe-making. He learned about styling from an Italian shoemaker and Seiki Shindo-san, a Japanese shoe maker. He learned artistic taste from Joe Goodman, also from Australia.

But among all his mentors, Dato’ Lew sings praise for his most notable inspiration, Dato’ Professor Dr. Jimmy Choo who helped him a lot by guiding him in his fashion journey.

Lewré Galleria at Gardens Mall 23rd – 29th September 2017

Some of Dato’ Lew’s designs and the story behind them
Shoe designed by Dato’ Lew for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

In celebration of the 20 years of Lewré, Dato’ Lew is displaying his Lewré Bespoke, I Love You Collection and other Lewré designs to the public. The display will be at The Gardens Mall from 23rd to 29th September at the Ground Level.

You will be able to check out some of Dato’ Lew’s favourite shoe designs, his own drawings, the people, places and things he saw in his travels that inspired his designs and many more. You will be able to see Lewré‘s creations and the milestones achieved by the brand.

Among the paintings that are displayed are of Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Puan Sri Shariffa Sabrina, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Dato’ Sheila Majid, Datin Winnie Loo and more.

Shoe-making live

A craftsman booth was also set up here, displaying tools of the trade and some real-time gluing and shaping new shoes.

The Lewré Galleria is meant to inspire the younger generation and let them see how shoe-making is not just making shoes but is also a form of art that should be honed and appreciated. The public will be able to experience Lewré‘s vision which is to “constantly push boundaries”.

“I want the public to know that when I make a Lewré shoe, there are three elements that is involved to it. Firstly is the conception of the idea of the shoe, followed by the art direction and then the actual production of the shoe. You can see that all my creations started from a story or experience before ended into a pair of shoes that can also tell the story and experience.” – Dato’ Lew.

Some shoes from the ‘I Love You’ Collection:

I was more interested in the 18K Gold flower holder in the shape of a shoe though. The flower holder is priced at RM999 and is limited edition. So if you want to give something special to your loved one, this would be a very interesting gift to give.

Dato’ Lew with the flower holder
Dato’ Lew, Myself and the RM999 Limited Edition Flower Holder designed by Dato’ Lew!

Contest To Win Lewré Bespoke!

How would you like to own a pair of Lewré Bespoke shoes? These are not your ordinary, every day shoes, ladies and gents. A pair of Lewré Bespoke can cost a few thousand ringgit and if you could win a pair, why not right?

All you have to do is get your thinking cap on, polish your artistic skills and sketch your “Most Creative Design” shoe sketch on the contest entry. The entry form can be collected at the organizer’s booth at The Gardens Mall’s Lewré Bespoke event. A completed design must be dropped off at the entry box any time during the duration of the exhibition (23rd-29th September 2017).

The best and most creative design will win a pair of Lewré’s own Lewré ‘I Love You’ collection that is worth more than RM3000! So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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