Top 5 Home Décor (Hiasan Rumah) Designs For 2018

Next year, I am planning to get into another “stage” of my life. Because of that, I have been reading some magazines and planning on how to decorate my new future home. If God wills it, I’ll probably get my new house at the end of 2018. In the meantime, I have been perusing magazines like Home & Décor, Elle Décor and also Malaysia’s own magazine like Dekor Impiana for its Hiasan Rumah (aka BM for “home décor”) ideas.

After many perusing and educating myself on what’s best for my future new home, I have come up with these designs.

Outdated Home Décor Making A Comeback

Well, who would’ve thought that vintage decor designs will make a comeback in 2018? But apparently that’s what some international magazines are suggesting.

Some editors are saying that brass décor would be making its way back to our homes. I wouldn’t mind though. I like brass pieces, such as intricately designed candelabrum, vase or just a décor piece that I can place in glass display cupboards. If these brass materials are polished to shine, it could also look very expensive.

In my opinion, less is more. So, let the brass décor stand out as a centerpiece and it will be able to make that section in our home look special.

Black And White Designs

I think you can never go wrong with Black. But, pair it with White; it is a type of contrast that will never grow old. I read once that Gen-Y’s prefer their interior designs to be in Black and White (with a little touch of color here and there), and I don’t think they are wrong.

Even though some colors might get boring or outdated after some time, a Black And White pair would always stay elegant and classy. “Hiasan rumah yang terbaik ialah yang tak dimakan masa,” a wise woman once told me.

However, I think this could apply to a smaller type of house, like a condo of 2,000 square feet or less. If the house is bigger, the two-tone color might make the house seem a little bare – even if it was fully decorated.

Victorian Style Furniture

Okay. This is definitely my type of design. They could be a little pricey, yes, because it is not locally made but the dramatic design, ornate accessories and renaissance-like styles can make the place look elegant and rich. When you think about it, what’s not to like about stained glass and antique-looking furniture?

I don’t have to fill up my room with everything Victorian! I mean, I am not Mona Lisa but placing a carved Walnut Armchair at the corner of the room wouldn’t hurt. It might even go along with a brass candelabrum placed on a vintage designed Victorian Light Table next to the armchair, don’t you think?

It would be a great place for me to sit in and read my books after a long day of work.

Vivacious Wallpapers To Light Up The Room

I didn’t mean real light, but wallpapers (of the right design and color) are known to light up a room. I would however, caution myself from using wallpaper all over the house so maybe just one side of a wall (as my feature wall) will do.

Some 1950’s art deco could either give you a headache or feeling like being in a disco dancing to Staying Alive, so better choose wisely. I think subdued patterned wallpaper is the answer for me. I want to feel relaxed whenever I enter my house and look at the wallpaper.

G-lamp It Up

Lamps, lanterns, chandeliers and the likes are things that can brighten up or dim down your mood.

I love crystal chandeliers (well who doesn’t?). But moroccon-style lanterns or glass bubble lamps would look great at the right place too. I could imagine purchasing glass bubble lamps to decor over the dining table or morocco-style lanterns hanged along the aisle to my bedroom. Most importantly, these type of lights will always look timeless!

I have a lot more design ideas for my home. It’s really fun to come up with cool ideas to decorate my home. What better way to prepare for 2018 than to start browsing for really cool furniture and design ideas?

Hiasan rumah awak pula, bagaimana?

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