Mega Wedding 4.0 : Affordable Beautiful Wedding In Putrajaya

Planning a wedding is not easy. There are many aspects that needs to be taken into consideration. There’s the wedding dais, costumes for the bride and groom, catering, doorgift, invitation cards, make-up and so many more.

With today’s high cost of living in Malaysia, even a simple Malay wedding ceremony done at own home could fetch up to RM15,000 – not to mention being completely fatigued once the ceremony is done. This is especially true if you invite many guests. But, what if you plan to celebrate your wedding at a nicer location, like Marina Putrajaya perhaps?

This is where Malaysia Wedding Festival (MEFA) and Mahligai Impian Catering & Event comes into the picture to help you – especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Not forgetting to mention that everything is prepared and done for so the only thing a bride and groom has to do is show up at their own wedding.

Mega Wedding 4.0

Mega Wedding 4.0

I attended Malaysia’s Mega Wedding 4.0 at Marina Putrajaya a few weeks ago to witness Malaysia’s Mega Wedding 4.0 myself. Surprisingly, Malaysia’s Mega Wedding has been going on almost 2 years now.

It was a bright sunny day that weekend but all the guests were waiting patiently for the brides and grooms to arrive at Marina Putrajaya. Mega Wedding brings 10 pairs of brides and grooms in one day. The special part is that these brides and grooms are brought to Marina Putrajaya on Putrajaya’s Tasik Cruise.

Talk about a GRAND ARRIVAL!

Mega Wedding 4.0
Arrive in Tasik Cruise Putrajaya

The 10 pairs of brides and grooms are divided into two groups.

Even though the guests have arrived before 12pm, the brides and grooms only arrive after the Zohor adhan, which was around 1.05pm.

Did you know that there’s also a mini wedding dais (pelamin) in the cruise?

Mega Wedding 4.0

After stepping off the cruise, these brides and grooms will be walking to their allocated places in the wedding dais tent on the red carpet prepared from Marina Putrajaya’s jetty. There are 5 mini dais under the huge canopied tent that have been luxuriously decorated.

Mega Wedding 4.0

Mega Wedding 4.0
Mega Wedding 4.0
Mega Wedding 4.0
Wedding dais for 5 pairs of bride and grooms

For families and friends, this is the time they’re waiting for, to take photos together with the brides and grooms – priority given to their parents and close family members.

After photo taking session at the wedding dais, the first group of brides and grooms proceeded to the dining table with 8 of their other family members (10 people per table), whilst the second group of brides and grooms arrive at the marina. The same process happens for the second group of brides and grooms too.

Almost 40 minutes after brides and grooms and their main guests finished their lunch, it was time for cake cutting – every cake are different, according to each couple’s taste and choice.

The ceremony didn’t take too long, although the whole event was made livelier with silat performances, lots of food for the guests, games and many more.

Mega Wedding 4.0 Features That You Would Love

Being at the event and seeing for myself the set ups and package involved for Mega Wedding 4.0, I was surprised that the whole thing only costs a pair of bride of groom RM7,000, especially when everything is done and settled by the wedding planner and catering.

Here are some of the things these brides and grooms get when they sign up for Mega Wedding with Malaysia Wedding Festival (MEFA) and Mahligai Impian Catering & Event:

  1. Sponsored Wedding Management
  2. 200 invited guests per couple
  3. Special Catering Menu
  4. Live performance from selected band
  5. Invited DJ and PA System
  6. “Doorgift” for every guests
  7. Photography and Videography of the whole event
  8. Special coverage by media
  9. Mysterious gifts from many sponsors
  10. Special Cruise trip along Putrajaya Lake for every couple
  11. Exclusive and Special Wedding dais
  12. Mini wedding dais in Cruise
  13. “Nikah” arrangement at Putra Mosque, Putrajaya
  14. Free Wedding card invites for all guests
  15. Wedding cake for every couple
  16. VIP Parking for every couple
  17. Hand bouquet for every couple
  18. 1 night hotel stay at Shangri-La Putrajaya for every couple (honeymoon night)

With so much great offers, none of the brides and grooms need to worry because everything is planned and done for them. And the price? Like I said above, RM7000 only!

Malaysia’s Mega Wedding 4.0 last October is the last for 2017 but don’t worry future brides and grooms because Mega Wedding will return in 2018 in March, August and November. However, early bookings is important to make sure there is a place for you so do contact Malaysia Wedding Festival (MEFA) at Facebook, Whatsapp or callĀ 0189634563.

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