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Falling sick sucks. I bet you agree with me on this.

When I fall sick, I am guaranteed to get the “sick package”. If I have a fever, I can be sure that the flu and cough will come soon. When I’m down with the “sick package”, all I feel like doing is just curl up in my bed.

Of course I have to get some medicine to be well again but the part I hate most is having to go to the clinic! How am I to drive myself to the clinic when I’m sick like a dog – sometimes shivering because of my fever, just to get medicine so that I can drive myself home again before resting in bed?

If only there’s a way I can see a doctor from my bed!

Cost for a doctor to do a house visit is frigging expensive so that’s definitely out of the equation. But there’s another way for you and me to get a doctor’s consultation in the comfort of our own homes – DOCTORONCALL (DOC)! And it’s cheap too!

What Is DoctorOnCall (DOC)?

Wait! DoctorOnCall (DOC)? What is that?

DoctorOnCall (DOC) is another way for us to consult a doctor on our health issues without having to go to a clinic! Not to mention, your medications will be sent straight to your home. And the best part, the medications are cheaper than buying at clinic!

Common illnesses that can be covered through virtual consultation includes:

  • Headache
  • Acid Reflux
  • Skin Conditions
  • Cold/ Flu/ Fever
  • Minor Injuries
  • UTI / STD/ STI
  • Constipation
  • Eye Conditions

There are 3 different platforms to use DoctorOnCall (DOC); Online Chat, Phone Call or Video Call. Some illnesses like the common flu might not need face-to-face consultation, but some illnesses like skin condition might. So choose the best platform to get the right consultation and prescription.

How Doctor On Call (DOC) Works?

A fortnight ago I fell sick after returning from my trip to Kuantan. I had very high fever, it was so high that even the roots of my hair felt hot. However, even though the skin on my whole body was burning up, I was shivering and felt very cold. This is classic fever problem. At the same time, I was starting to get the sniffles.

4 easy steps of Doctor On Call (DOC)

I was too sick to drive myself to the clinic. My body was achy and I kept shivering in the office. Then, I remembered DoctorOnCall (DOC) and so I quickly went online and type


I was immediately brought to the first page where I would have to register (as a first time user) or login (if I have used DoctorOnCall before).

Landing Page


Register your basic details (as a first time user) and then click the Register button

After I registered, the website brought me back to the Landing Page. This time, I typed in my basic questions or health issues based on the health category and problem.

Back to the Landing Page. Choose the Category you have issues with


Ask your basic question and click the “Talk To A Doctor Now” button

Since I only have fever and mild flu, I chose “General Health” category. After adding a little description about my health issues, I clicked the “Talk To A Doctor Now” button and waited to be connected to a doctor.

If your internet connection is superb, it will take just a few seconds to connect to a doctor.

Ooh hello Doctor Adeline!

That afternoon I was connected to Doctor Adeline through Video Call.

Describe symptoms or if you have anything to show her (on your body), you can also do it through the Video Call

After exchanging small greetings, Doctor Adeline asked me to describe my symptoms. I told her about my hot temperature but I felt chilly and my body felt achy. After I checked for any swollen nodes under my jaw (as per her instructions), she deduced that I had viral fever and slight flu.

⇒ It is highly advisable to describe your symptoms in detail

From our 10 minutes talk, she prescribed me two types of medicine. After we disconnected from the Video Call, I received an email on how I would like to receive my medication: Pharmacy Pick Up or Delivery.

I chose Delivery and made payment via debit card.

  1. Since the total cost of medication is below RM100, I topped up RM10 for delivery (free delivery for medications costs more than RM100).
  2. Since I live in the Klang Valley, I received my medication around 1 to 2 hours. If you live outside Klang Valley, you will receive your medicine the next day. Delivery can be made to anywhere in Malaysia.
  3. Delivery is via secure internal courier.

Or, you can just view this short video below:

Why You Should Use Doctor On Call (DOC)?

  1. Not only it is at your convenience (comfort of your home or your office), the doctors whom you talk to are all experienced and qualified professional doctors that have been practicing medicine for more than 10 years.
  2. This gives you the same quality as going to a clinic but at a cheaper cost.
  3. You also have the choice to either purchase medications at your own pharmacy (with an electronic prescription) or you can purchase directly through DoctorOnCall (DOC) and have your medicine sent right to your doorstep.
  4. Cost of medicine is cheaper than buying at clinic.
  5. All this with an extra RM20 for consultation fee.

Cheap and as easy as A, B, C!

You can also purchase some medications on DoctorOnCall (DOC) Pharmacy page. Maybe some of you have sexual health issues and is shy to purchase the medication at your local pharmacy, fret not, DoctorOnCall (DOC) is here to your rescue!

Add what medication you need (as prescribed by your doctor) in your cart, and check out when you’re ready.

Online Pharmacy (General Health)


Online Pharmacy (Men’s Health)


Online Pharmacy (Sexual Health)

So what do you think? Would you use DoctorOnCall (DOC) if you fall sick?

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