Let’s Save Lives Charity Fun Run, Jog and Walk

Lets Save Lives Run

The weather that Sunday morning was very good as I arrived with my friends at the “Start” point (Laman 1 Malaysia, Precint 2, Putrajaya) around 7am. There were many other runners gathered there already, some with their children, some with their friends and there were some who brought the whole family – Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother.

In conjunction with National Organ Donation Awareness Week and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) decided to organize the Let’s Save Lives Charity Run, Walk and Jog event as well as educating the public on Organ Donation – among others.

Let’s Save Lives Charity Run at Laman 1 Malaysia

If you’re a “running” enthusiast, you wouldn’t have missed this Let’s Save Lives Charity that allows you to Run, Walk and Jog to the finishing line.

Lets Save Lives Run
Lets Save Lives Run
It’s never too late – for me too!

Fee to join the run is very minimal which starts at RM30 for students, RM45 for group (more than 5 people), RM50 for tertiary students and RM55 for public. Not only the registration fee is more than affordable, there are also many activities involved on the day of the event, which includes:

  • Aerodance
  • Lucky Draw (throughout the event)
  • Health Exhibition Booth
  • Busker Performance
  • Meet & Greet Organ Donation Ambassador
  • Upin Ipin Maskot
  • Food Carnival

“Runners” who registered each received their Race Kit including T-Shirt and Bibs. Those who finished their run will then receive their medal and refreshments.

Lets Save Lives Run
Lets Save Lives Run
Lets Save Lives Run

How about me and my friends? After we arrived at 7am, we did some warming up before the run. For Ruby, even her little boys joined in on the run (they even have their own bibs for the lucky draw session).

About 1,000 participants joined the Let’s Save Lives Charity that morning, including the VIPs. A very good way to burn some calories and get the blood circulation going on a Sunday morning, don’t you think?

Lets Save Lives Run
Running in the morning and seeing that view. What a view right?

Most of the runners finished the 6km course in less than 30 minutes including Fahmi and some of the guys in our group whereas some of my girl friends and I only returned to the Finishing line after nearly 1 hour. We were not seasoned runners, obviously. The first 100 get an extra free T-shirt along with medal and refreshments but everyone who made it to the finishing line do get their medal and refreshments.

Lets Save Lives Run
Lets Save Lives Run

After we finished the run, we had fun joining some of the activities available, learning about Organ Donation and even other organizations like the National Kidney Foundation, Anesthetic Organizations and so many more.

Lets Save Lives Run
Lets Save Lives Run
I’ve pledged myself as an organ donor. Would you?

National Organ Donation Awareness Week

Running, walking and jogging was not the only agenda of the day. The main objective of the Let’s Save Lives Charity Run, Walk and Jog was to educate the public about Organ Donation on how, what, why, when and where you can contribute to others with Organ Donation.

Along with the National Organ Donation Awareness Week, the ministry is trying to educate the public on how we can pledge ourselves in becoming Organ Donators and what is involved when we pledge ourselves.

I know many are wondering if it is permissible to donate organs, especially religiously. Some wonder if their body will be disfigured if they donate organs after death. Mostly they are less informed and just afraid if by pledging to be an organ donor, it meant that the doctors will take every organ there is from their body.

These are wrong perceptions and here are some of the usual FAQs and concerns people get when they try to learn about organ donation:

  • Will organs and tissues donation disfigure the donor’s body?
    No. Organs and tissues donation will not cause any physical disfigurement. Even an open casket funeral is still possible.
  • Will organs and tissues be taken during autopsy (post-mortem) without the next of kin or family’s permission?
    No. No organs and tissues will be removed without the consent of the next of kin or family. Organ donation is different from autopsy (post-mortem) and is usually done in the operating theatre.
  • Does Islam permit organ donation?
    Yes. Most countries including Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Singapore allow Muslims to pledge and donate their organs.
  • Will hospital treatment be affected if they know you are an organ donor pledger?
    Absolutely not. The medical staff will do their utmost to treat a patient regardless whether the patient is a pledger or not.
  • Will all organs be removed from an organ donor pledger after they have died?
    No. Organs and tissues that will only be considered for donation are as follows:
    • only organs & tissues that have been consented by the next of kin or family;
    • only organs & tissues that are in good condition and still functioning;
    • only if there is a suitable transplant recipient
  • Can someone donate if they pass away at home?
    Yes. They can still donate, but only their eyes or corneas. The donation will be done at their home.

If you are interested to learn more about Organ Donation, please follow Derma OrganFacebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

If you would like to pledge and be an organ donor or would just like to inquire more in depth about Organ Donation in Malaysia, here are phone numbers of some hospitals in Malaysia (different states):

Pusat Sumber Transplan (Nasional) Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2681 0681/ 0682

Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh
Tel: 05- 208 5161

Hospital Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04- 222 5780

Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru
Tel: 07- 225 7000 ext 2751

Hospital Queen Elizabeth, Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088- 517 555 ext 7879/ 7880

Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09- 621 2121 ext 3023/ 3029/ 2990

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