Celebrate Specially-Abled Creators at “Art Includes 2019”

It is not the regular Art Fest, because this art fest will showcase specially-abled (as well as abled) artists, speakers and other personalities in the aim to raise funds to help the children and youths from Dialogue Includes Academy (DIA).


Did you know?

Dialogue Includes Academy (DIA) is a part of Dialogue In The Dark (DID) Malaysia; an organisation founded in 2012 by Mr Stevens Chan and his team with the help of private organisations to help equip and empower trained Visually Impaired Community (VIPs) and other people with disabilities (PWD) to become entrepreneurs. 20 years ago, Mr Stevens Chan lost his sight to glaucoma and has since dedicated himself to help other specially-abled people by starting the DID.


RUANG By Think City Event September 2019

From September 23rd to 25th, RUANG By Think City, Kuala Lumpur will open its doors to artists, performers, speakers and many more of specially-abled personalities (of different backgrounds and limits) to showcase and share their talents.

Some of the talents, artists, speakers and more who will be involved at the ART INCLUDES 2019 art fest are:

  1. A talk by the celebrated piano virtuoso Dr Azariah Tan on his inspiring career. Hailing from Singapore, he suffers from degenerative bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
  2. Vietnamese chef Christine Ha, MasterChef’s first visually-impaired champion, will be curating a fine dining menu for a corporate “Fine Dining in the Dark” event at their centre in Weld Raja Chulan on September 26. She will also be launching a culinary school and kitchen under the Includes brand.
  3. Notably, Malaysian radio veteran and actor Patrick Teoh will be bringing his velvet voice and sharp wit to the festival.
  4. Sixteen-year-old Wan Jamila Wan Shaiful Bahri, a.k.a “artjamila” – an autistic savant from Shah Alam noted for her numerous solo painting exhibitions – will literally make her mark.
  5. Other notable figures at the festival include a disabled professional dancer from Nepal, among the first visually impaired female baristas from Taiwan, a 60-year-old visually impaired photographer from Alor Setar, and no less than three impaired entrepreneurs from Malaysia.
Dialogue In The Dark
Dialogue In The Dark

Of course, the art fest will also include able-bodied performers and personalities as well, because hey, why limit an amazing event like this when we can share it across all diversity and personalities right?

Festival highlights includes three-day “Celebrating Diversities – The Path To Building Resilience” conference, “Concert In The Dark”, “Street Fiesta” and many more other activities. Some of the conference or shows will require you to buy tickets in advance (they are very affordable, and for a good cause, so please show some support!) so don’t forget to purchase them before your visit!


To raise funds for the main event, Mr Stevens Chan is also an online crowd funding campaign in collaboration with the artist Yee Fu, to promote a specially designed T-Shirt with the slogan “We Were Born To Stand Out” priced at RM60 each. Once again, let’s support our local specially-abled friends and families by purchasing these T-Shirts ya!

You can purchase the T-shirt above or just check out on the festival dates and shows at http://art.includes.my/.

Don’t forget to show your support, visit ART INCLUDES 2019 at RUANG By Think City, Kuala Lumpur at No. 2, Jalan Hang Kasturi and at the Market Squares in Kuala Lumpur from September 23rd to 25th, 2019.

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