Hong Kong Trade Development Council DG Studio Brings Quirky Products to Malaysia

Have you heard of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) DG Studio? It’s ok if you haven’t because this is my first time hearing about the brand too.

Last few days, I was in IOI City Mall Putrajaya and noticed a booth by HKTDC DG Studio opposite Dolly Dim Sum. Instead of going into the restaurant for lunch, my husband and I decided to check out the DG Studio booth and we were surprised by some of the items they have for sale.

HKTDC DG Studio “Trendy Lifestyle From Hong Kong”

Shopping with le hubby

As we walked around the booth at IOI City Mall Putrajaya’s LG-K5A (West Wing), we fell in love with some of the products they have for sale that ranges from personal gifts to corporate gifts, and all of premium quality and distinction too!

The 14 DG Studio brands that can be found are:

  • Artiart
  • Cardhoda
  • Eco Concepts
  • FLUFFY House
  • Hoobbe
  • Hyone
  • Kilovest
  • Konstar
  • MH Blocks
  • Paris Garden
  • SOAP Studio
  • Tea Lab
  • Team Green
  • TINY

I actually loved the Super Apple Peeler by Konstar which actually received the Red Dot Award 2014 honorable mention and it’s Salad Master clinched the Red Dot Award 2014. I never imagined there could be an invention to peel apples (for real!) so I was quite impressed at the peeler, to be honest.

Eco Concepts

My husband loved the Eco Concepts bio-degradable cups that are made from – you wouldn’t believe it – 100% corn husks! Yes, so not only they are cute and colourful, they’re also safe to the environment as well! He also loved the Artiart AR Iceberg Suction Cup which has this 100% Elegance Suction Bottle with grip bottle that is just so hard to trip. He wanted it so that our Palm Civet, Luca woouldn’t accidentally spill our drinks when she sneaks up on us from behind.

After much contemplation though, we decided to purchase Team Green‘s designer puzzles instead. I didn’t know what to pick, either their eco-friendly and bio-degradable animal puzzles, Music Box or wooden 3D puzzles. We decided on the RM230 3D Himeji Castle puzzle instead. Ahh couldn’t wait to assemble it and put it on display!

There are other equally interesting, very affordable and cute products available by HKTDC DG Studio too!


Cardhoda for instance, has a range of wallet and name card holders that prevents indentity theft through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFD) chips fraudulent activities. Then there’s Kilovest that makes bags, passport holders and watches in durable and versatile silicone materials. Psst, I regret not buying the SiliBAG. It would be great to use while shopping in the wet market!


MH Block‘s offers micro-sized construction brick toys like miniature version of HK Kowloon Bus and HK Cross Harbour Ferry. I wouldn’t recommend these for children though. If you want to purchase toys for children, then FLUFFY House would be the better choice. It aims to spread joy and warm people’s hearts with its fluffy plushes of lovable characters and cheerful little animals.

SOAP Studio

SOAP Studio‘s brings your favourite DC superhero characters in the artist b.wing’s representation of superhero characters. TINY on the other hand specializes in Hong Kong feature models like cars, accessories and scenes to memorialize Hong Kong’s typical constructions and facilities.


If you’re one for household products, then Hoobbe might be the one for you. There are many cute and fun-looking kitchen utensils like the Floaty Duck Salt & Pepper Shaker and Right Cake Measuring Cups that would definitely be the topic of conversation if you get your friends around.

Tea Lab
Tea Lab

Another thing you can put in the kitchen would be products from Tea Lab, especially great for you tea lovers because what makes a good tea if not the brewing process right? With a cute brewing cup that looks like a test tube (and there are more!), what more would you like?


Last but not least, if you’re a tech fan, then products from Hyone might be the one for you – Chic Crystal Ring to stick to the back of your phone or Hyone’s Mini Selfie Stick with bluetooth remote and mini tripod would be great for your photo-taking session.

If you’re planning to go to IOI City Mall Putrajaya anytime soon, then make sure to visit the HKTDC DG Studio booth. The booth will only be there until 30th June only so don’t miss out the chance to buy some cute, colourful, cheap and innovative products here!

Oh yeah, if you’re a toys, anime, games or comic fan, I found out that there will be two brands from HKTDC DG Studio that will participate in the Toys, Anime, Games & Comic Con (TAGCC) 2019 that is taking place at PWTC (Hall 4 Booths 101, 102, 107 and 108) from 22nd to 23rd June.

In case you cannot make it to IOI City Mall Putrajaya to check out the HKTDC DG Studio yourself, there are other places that also carries some of these brands for your to purchase from:

  • Parkson Elite, Pavilion KL
  • Parkson, 1 Utama Shopping Center
  • CM3, Sunway Pyramid
  • Times Bookstore, Pavilion KL
  • Times Bookstore, Bangsar Shopping Center
  • Parkson Elite, Gurney Plaza

Go get these cute, environmental-friendly products before they run out!

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