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PG Mall Promotion

Hari Raya is just around the corner and with what’s going on in the world recently (COVID-19, social distancing, staying at home, etc), it hasn’t been a very smooth 2020, to begin with. But does that mean I am going to just sulk at home without a brand new Hari Raya clothing this year?

So yesterday I started browsing through PG Mall and I found there were so many things on this Malaysia’s No. 1 E-commerce platform that I am spoilt for choice. Did you know? Since it’s inception in 2017, it is the only local E-commerce platform in Malaysia. PG Mall ranked as one of the top 3 out visited online marketplace in Malaysia by iPriceinsight 2020 Q1 report.

Thing is, it’s not just items of clothing that they have sold there. Other things sold at PG Mall range from Fashion, Health & Beauty, Electronic Accessories, Home Appliances, Kitchen & Dining, Sports & Travel, Groceries & Pets, Jewellery and many more!

If you’re like me, and you’re looking to shop now for Hari Raya preparation, then you should click on the website and grab the promotions available there!

What To Find at PG Mall?

Since I am a new shopper at PG Mall, I went straight to checking out what they had for sale. I loved how easy it was to navigate the website since this is one of the few things I look for (and take note of) when I shop online. 

PG Mall Promotion
PG Mall Promotion

Then, I straight away dived to the Women’s Fashion and Men’s Fashion categories. You see, I have not prepared anything (traditional wear, that is) for my husband and myself at all. But browsing through the website, I find there are many options for myself and some of the colours can also be paired up with the men’s wear. If only I had a mini-me, I might even be able to have the little kiddo wear same patterned Baju Kurung like mine.

PG Mall Promotion
PG Mall Promotion

Like I said above, there are many other categories to be found at this website and you can buy whatever you need at a click of the mouse. If you have no transport to get out from the house to buy some household item or you’re just cautious of your health (you know it’s safer to stay at home at times like these), you can buy online and the items will be sent right to your doorstep.

Fantastic Discounts and Promotions from PG Mall and Partners

Oh hey! There is an awesome discount for a first-time shopper like me.

With a minimum spend of RM40, I can get RM15 off.

But existing shoppers should not fret because you guys can get discounts too!

With a minimum spend of RM60, you can get RM10 off, or With a minimum spend of RM250, you can get 15% off capped at RM50.

With a great deal such as this, why wouldn’t I (or you!) shop at PG Mall?

Oh but wait, there are more. Not only you can get fantastic discounts, but there are also other promotions from PG Mall’s partners: Maybank, Touch ’n Go e-Wallet, Celcom and AirAsia.

  • Maybank QR Pay
  1. 20% off capped at RM20 with a minimum spend of RM30
  2. 2x cashback within the campaign period
  3. Promotion period: 4/5/2020 – 26/6/2020
PG Mall Promotion
  • Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet
  1. Up to RM40 cashback e-voucher every month
  2. 1 cashback per week with a minimum spend of RM10
  3. Promotion until: 28/6/2020
PG Mall Promotion
  • Celcom Exclusive
  1. 20% off capped at RM20
  2. 1x per Celcom customers
  3. Limited to 500 transactions per month
PG Mall Promotion
  • AirAsia BIG Loyalty
  1. Enjoy 2x BIG Points sitewide when shop at PG Mall
  2. BIG Points users can spend their points shopping at PG Mall
  3. Promotion period: 1/5/2020 – 31/5/2020
PG Mall Promotion

Also, are you a Boost user? I am a Boost user too and find it really useful whenever I decide to go cashless. At PG Mall, you can also shop using Boost and get 20% cashback (capped at RM10). This offer is limited to first 4,000 transactions via Boost and only 2 transactions per Boost User.

PG Mall Promotion

What do you guys think of the offers available at PG Mall? Have you any plans on where to shop your Hari Raya essentials? Would you like to try to spend and save at PG Mall? If your reply is to the affirmative, then you should definitely shop now at before it’s too late!

Or, you can also check out and learn more about PG Mall at their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

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