Bangi Avenue Convention Center (BACC) – The Perfect Venue For Your “I Do’s”

Looking for a venue for your “big day” could be quite a hassle – I should know. When I was looking for a venue for my wedding, I had to take many things into consideration. Firstly, it was the budget. Secondly, it was the location. And thirdly, it was the “look” of the venue.

Would the venue suit the style of my wedding? Would it be able to accommodate my guests? How about the parking, would there be enough parking space for my guests? Is there a comfortable room nearby for me to change before my reception?

Yes, I had many questions before choosing my wedding venue, and I know many of you do too.

So, the solution? Look for a venue that should have all in one: aesthetically pleasing, affordable, easily accessible location, able to accommodate a large number of guests (round-table setting or banquet style) and have other little perks as well (this is a bonus!).

This is where Bangi Avenue Convention Center (BACC) comes into the picture.

Bangi Avenue Convention Center (BACC)

Bangi Avenue Convention Center Launch

When I was invited to Bangi Avenue Convention Center‘s (BACC) launch, I wasn’t expecting much. I have seen my fair share of convention centers in Malaysia and not many of them made any impact on me. Most convention centers are minimalistic: bare walls, plain wallpapers, simple lightings and not very much to boast about.

The Bangi Avenue Convention Center is located strategically in the business hub of the Southern region of Klang Valley. This means it is very nearby Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang, Putrajaya, Serdang, Cheras, Puchong, Sepang, KLIA and more. It is also only 30-minutes away from Kauala Lumpur.

At first, I had to use my Waze to get here from Kajang but along the way, I thought the road was very familiar, especially when I saw Bangi Wonderland Water Theme Park opposite the Bangi Avenue Convention Center as I was about to arrive.

Bangi Avenue Convention Center is only:

  • A 30-minute drive to Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Puchong
  • A 20-minute drive to KLIA/ KLIA2 airports
  • A 10-minute drive to Lekas Highway (Semenyih exit)
  • A 5-minute drive to North South Highway (Exit 213 : Bukit Mahkota/ Seri Putra)
  • A 2-minute drive to Bangi Wonderland Water Theme Park
(L-R) Mr. Lee Thin Lu, Mr. Ng Hong Yap, Mr. Loo Yung Wai, Mr. Lee Kok Hing, Mr. Loo Kok Seong and Mr. Loo Kiat Keong.

Parking Facilities

As I arrived at Bangi Avenue Convention Center, the on-site parking facilities (which I first drove to to park my car before the launch) already made it’s first point to my “observant” eyes. The ramp to the upper levels were wide, the ceiling is tall and each parking lot is wide. I appreciate buildings with parking facilities like these – it shows that the developer thinks of its guests’ comfort.

I was then further impressed when I found out that Bangi Avenue Convention Centre built the multi-tiered parking facilities to fit as many as 1,000 vehicles at one time!

Outdoor Venue



When Managing Director of Bangi Avenue Convention Center and Avenue Garden Hotel, Mr. Loo Yung Wai said, “Our team was inspired to ensure that Bangi Avenue Convention Center offers a space with a stunning garden backdrop, while also catering to their practical needs,” I was ready to check out the area myself, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Do you know? Bangi Avenue Convention Center is made up of an area of 88,585 sq ft? This includes both covered and open spaces available.

Fountain Valley

The lush green garden by Bangi Avenue Convention Center was aptly named “Union Square”. It is the heart of the convention center and right in the middle of it sits a beautiful and scenic setting with a sophisticated water fountain. The water fountain area is called “Fountain Valley” where a private function or perfect garden-themed wedding could take place. No wonder Bangi Avenue Convention Center was dubbed “Oasis Within The City”.

*cue “Here Comes The Bride”
I feel like getting married again!

As I looked at the setting prepared here, I thought it would be a very beautiful location for an evening garden wedding. The sunset and the breeze (oh yes, it was very windy here!) would make the bride and groom look absolutely perfect – to guests and the photo album, that it made me feel like wanting to marry again!

Rooms Available at Bangi Avenue Convention Center

Bangi Avenue Convention Center offers FIVE meeting rooms and VIP holding rooms as well as THREE ballrooms.

After the launch, the other guests and myself were brought to the newly minted Grand Ballroom. And oh WOW, what an extravagant ballroom it was! The built-up was 27,000 sq ft and it can accommodate 2,200 guests in total for both round-table seating and banquet style! The walls are adorned with 6 LCD panels and two super-large concert-like LCD screens on both ends of the ballroom (stage 1 and stage 2).

A celebration of love – especially one that ties two people together forever – should be done in a place that is not only beautiful, but also spacious, luxurious (yet affordable) and most importantly, is made for the comfort of the celebrated couple and guests. Yet, the Bangi Avenue Convention Centre (BACC) is not only made for weddings, it is also fitting for large/private events, conferences, exhibitions and even concerts! The very spacious and remarkable hall (the pillar-less largest ballroom can fit up to 2,200 guests per seating!) also has 1,000 on-site parking facilities. Looking for a venue for your event? Read more at on everything that BACC has to offer! #BACClaunch2018 #BACC #AvenueGardenHotel

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And it’s no wonder! Because the ballrooms at Bangi Avenue Convention Center is not only for events like Weddings but also Exhibitions, Conferences, Meetings, Launches, Performances and Concerts!

Yes, there are builit-in state-of-the-art concert-like professional sound and lighting equipments available in all the ballrooms here.

This Grand Ballroom can even fit up to 3,300 guests in theatre settings.

All THREE ballrooms at Bangi Avenue Convention Center are pillar-less, which made them look more spacious and comfortable for all guests.

Other rooms available – for meetings, small conferences, etc

Food Available

Bangi Avenue Convention Center offers a variety of delectable cuisines ranging from Chinese, Western, Malay (Halal- Muslim), and International to satisfy the variety of needs and appetites.

When asked about wedding packages, we were told that the price for 1,000 guests (minimum) starts from a basic cost of RM58 per head. Of course, this would mean a basic menu for the basic wedding package. If you would like different menus for your guests, bigger and fancier wedding dais or additional wedding photographer, then the cost would increase.

Yes, Bangi Avenue Convention Center also has its own wedding dais, photographer, and make-up artist available in its packages – prices may vary.

Chinese weddings, prices are calculated as per table

For Chinese weddings, prices are calculated per table, starting from RM1880.

I absolutely adored the desserts displayed by Dream Catcher. Their decorations are very impressive!

Sweet and savoury, so yummy!

The sales people of Bangi Avenue Convention Center are very friendly and helpful. If you’re looking to find out more for your wedding event soon, or for any other event as well, do contact the number shared at the bottom of this post.

Avenue Garden Hotel

Avenue Garden Hotel

Avenue Garden Hotel is located within the Bangi Avenue Convention Center’s compound. It is only a walking distance from the Ballrooms so, if you have guests from far away and would like to have them nearby your wedding venue (I know, late guests can be a little unpleasant to a carefully planned wedding program), the accommodation at the new Avenue Garden Hotel would be the best choice.

Housing 178 cosy, elegant and serene rooms, it would be the best accommodation for your guests – and maybe, yourself too!

A cafe in Bangi Avenue Convention Center’s compound


Bangi Avenue Convention Center
3, Pusat Perniagaan Bangi Avenue, Persiaran Bangi Avenue,
Seksyen 2, Taman Bangi Avenue, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: +603- 89299999
Fax: +603- 8929 9988

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