Book Launch “Gaya Untuk Berjaya” By Hafiz Mustapha

Last weekend, I was at Seri Kembangan for a book launch by Hafiz Mustapha. The book, titled “Gaya Untuk Berjaya” directly translates as “Style To Success”. There were a few VIPs, medias and guests who came to grace and make the event a successful one.

Background of Hafiz Mustapha

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If you know Hafiz Mustapha’s background, you would know that he has been an image consultant for many years. He started the company CuteCarry Sdn Bhd, an image consultant company 9 years ago and have helped many youths on their image and how to represent themselves – especially in the workplace.

As a former fashion blogger himself, Hafiz Mustapha have shared his own experiences in mix-and-match clothes for certain events, the importance of color coordinations, what is the acceptable behaviours in different events, how to communicate with others as well as developing and improving yourself in the betterment of society.

The book however, is a more in-depth of the topics above – added with proper visuals.

“Gaya Untuk Berjaya” Can Help Change Your Life

Important Quote Of The Day

First appearance is important, especially when it is the first time you face someone who has the power to hire you, or if you are going to speak in front of hundreds of people. No matter what the scenario is, you would want to show to others that you are in charge or confident in manner.

Hafiz Mustapha writes the book “Gaya Untuk Berjaya” from scratch so that you can achieve this.

Hafiz Mustapha believes in the 4 important image elements : ABCD.

  • A : Appearance
  • B : Behaviour
  • C : Communication
  • D : Development

I think these are essential in every day life situations as well. However, if you want to use these 4 key elements on projecting your image professionally, then make sure you memorize these 4 elements.

Many Important Notes In The “Gaya Untuk Berjaya” Book

Hafiz Mustapha included many ways to change your look for zero to hero. You will find different chapters on how changing your style can help change your life overnight. For instance, these are 9 topics Hafiz Mustapha wrote in his book on how to change yourself.

  1. Change or Not – Tips on how you can be confident and brave enough to make changes
  2. Clothes Ethic – Know the differences between casual and formal clothings
  3. Accessories – What accessories can do to your outfit
  4. Body Shape – Know your body shape and what type of clothes fits you
  5. Hair or Headscarf – Best type of hairstyle or hairscarf style according to your face shape
  6. Cleanliness – Tips on cleanliness, face and body care, etc
  7. Colours – What colour is suitable with your skin colour
  8. Protocols and Ethics – Differences and similarities based on different countries and cultures
  9. Communication – Best way to communicate

Personally, if you’re the type of person who feels you need a change from you current style or fashion but you don’t know where to start, this is the book for you to begin with. If you feel like your first impression on others are never up to par, maybe you need to find your mistakes and compare with the notes in this book.

Whatever your problem or reason behind it, if you’re looking for ways to improve your style and dress to impress, then this book should be yours today.

Sidenote: There is an on-going contest from now until 30th July. For those who purchased this book until 30th July, you will be in the running to win an original watch brand by Karl Lagerfeld. Hafiz Mustapha will hold a lucky draw on his LIVE FB on 30th July. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly purchase this book and be in the running to win an original watch brand by Karl Lagerfeld TODAY!

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