Winner Dynasty Group Donates Face Mask to Schools and Citizens in Need

Yesterday, located at Winner Dynasty Group’s office in Setiawalk Puchong, the Chairman of Winner Dynasty Group, Dato Seri Nicky Liow Soon Hee held a press conference in view of the COVID-19 pandemic that is in our country.

Khairul Husni bin Othman, President of (NGO) Pertubuhan 313 Realisasi Ekonomi Malaysia; Dato’ Seri Liow Soon Hee, Founder of Winner Dynasty Group

A few months ago, Dato Seri Nicky has donated a large number of face masks and other medical supplies to many parts in Wuhan, China when they were first infected with the COVID-19 disease.

Due to this fact and that the news was shared online, a Deputy Chairman of School Management from SJK(C) Kheng Chee, Puchong approached Dato Seri Nicky’s assistant and colleague regarding the face masks issue. She noted the scarcity of face masks in the market and thought if Dato Seri Nicky would be able to donate face masks for her students in her school instead.

Winner Dynasty Group donates 2,000 face masks to SJK(C) Kheng Chee, Puchong

This made a mark on Dato Seri Nicky. As a fellow Malaysian, he is concerned with the welfare of the citizens of Malaysia, especially the children who are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease. He is sad to know that in times like this, where we all should be protecting ourselves from a dangerous disease, many people are taking advantage of the situation instead by keeping stock and selling face masks at a high price.

Dato Seri Nicky himself had been cheated when he tried to purchase 1 million face masks recently. Some suppliers who had received his money did not deliver the face masks whereas some face masks are not suitable for use against COVID-19 virus.

He even made several police reports because of this.

“We hope Corporate companies and other NGOs would be willing to help provide face masks or hand sanitizers to the public or sell them at a cheap price and help unburden the public during these tough times,” Dato Seri Nicky said

Dato Seri Nicky Liow is pledging to donate 1 Million face masks soon.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide issue, it would definitely take more than one man to help the citizens of Malaysia to be aware and protect ourselves from getting or spreading this virus to others.

As notified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, here are the things you should remember or follow regarding COVID-19:

Winner Dynasty Group would also like to remind the public to learn more about the COVID-19 virus; to be informed of what’s going on within Malaysia (and the world) and to be equipped with proper face masks and hand sanitiser when required.

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