GreenAcres: Malaysia’s Premier Retirement Village

For some, getting old is a scary thing. This is especially true if you’re reaching the age of 55, your children and grandchildren have busy schedules and you have no idea what to do after you retire.

You despise the old age home, where residents looked lonely and forlorn. You would love to always fill up your time with activities and hang out with friends even after you’ve retired. So where can you go?

GreenAcres by TI Homes

I was in Ipoh, Perak, recently for the official first phase opening of GreenAcres – Malaysia’s premier retirement village. When I first arrived in the gated and guarded 13-acre settlement, I thought it was very impressive-looking.

A RM10 million clubhouse of 30,000 sq ft greeted my friends and I as we stepped off the van that brought us there. The first phase nearby the clubhouse are ready too which comprises of 26 units of single-storey villas. The setting is beautiful – filled with gardens, walking paths, gazebos, water features and many green plants to look at and enjoy.

Story Behind GreenAcres

Before the Official Unveiling of GreenAcres, Mr John Chong, the Executive Director of Total Investment Sdn Bhd (better known as TI Homes) told us how proud he was that GreenAcres is finally ready, after the idea and philosophy was first created by Co-founder of TI Homes, Madam Siew Yin Leng back in 1992.

Mr John Chong, Executive Director of Total Investment Sdn Bhd

It has been a long journey it seemed, but after 2010 when work on the project began, the vision behind GreenAcres started to crystallize.

GreenAcres was not a project that takes only a day or two to visualize, finalize and transform. TI Homes worked hard to make sure that they could create the right legal and financial structure for the residents. They wanted to make sure that the residents will feel secured, safe and happy once they choose to retire at GreenAcres.

Mr John Chong believed that the facilities available here will be well utilized by the residents so that their mind, body and soul can be enriched.

Madam Siew Yin Leng, Co-Founder, Total Investment Sdn Bhd and GreenAcres

Madam Siew Yin Leng shared her own experience of being in Australia and USA and how being in those countries and seeing the retirement homes there made her believe that a new era of retirement homes should be introduced in Malaysia. The name GreenAcres itself was influenced from her favourite 1965 American sitcom featuring Eva Gabor.

Even YB Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, the Minister of Plantatio Industries and Commodities vocalized his pride in GreenAcres, stating that this pioneering concept is exactly what Malaysia needs to move forward as an ageing nation.

YB Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, Minister Of Plantation Industries and Commodities

“According to the Department of Statistics, life expectancy of Malaysians in on the rise, with men expected to live until the age of 72 and women until the age of 77. In addition to that, recent calculations shows that 9% of Malaysia’s population are senior citizens aged 60 years and above which will further increase by year 2035 with 15% of its population being senior citizens.” – YB Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong

Hence why, TI Homes’ retirement services and priorities would help encourage sustainable lifestyle for senior citizens and at the same time relinquish the stigma of ‘old age’ and ancient idea of ‘old folks home’.

How GreenAcres Can Help Enrich Your Lives?

In order to be eligible living in GreenAcres, you need to be 55 years old and above. The reason being, as Madam Siew said, “only old people know old people’s problems”. This is especially true in terms of health, needs, life pace and living quality.

GreenAcres’ villas are available in six layouts ranging from 734 sq ft (1 bedroom villa) to 1,105 sq ft (2 bedrooms villa). All units are equipped with lights, fans, air-conditioning, grilles, mosquito netting, built-in cabinets and alarm systems. Each villas are designed with age-friendly features such as:

  1. wider doors
  2. lower and larger switches
  3. wider and longer handles on furnishings
  4. bathroom grab rails
  5. taps with lever handles
  6. seats in the shower
  7. ramped entryways at main entrance
  8. stepless bathrooms
  9. emergency call buttons
  10. level handles on all doors

Residents can rest assure that they are safe with it’s gated and guarded community, emergency call buttons that are placed in each villas’ living room, bathroom and bedrooms with a round-the-clock central monitoring system and the community management team that are trained in first-aid response.

And one day when you could not fend for yourself anymore, there’s another section in the development called the “Old Age” where assistance will be provided to you like nurse, caretaker, and so on.

Let’s Be A Part Of GreenAcres Community

If you’re 55 years old and above and is looking for a retirement home where you can spend your days doing what you love in a community that are like-minded to you, I would advice you to live in GreenAcres.

Starting at RM300,000 as a lease deposit, you’re already eligible to live in one of the villas here. Similar to living in a condominium, you will then be leasing your villa every month starting at RM371 per home (this includes maintenance fees, utilities fees and services fees in the clubhouse). TI Homes will convert the lease deposit into investment and if any of the retirees pass on, the deposit will be returned to your heir or beneficiary.

To me though, what makes GreenAcres an ideal retirement home are the many facilities available as well as the activities that the community can take part in.

The clubhouse is the centre of activities with it’s lifts, lounge area, gym, games room, pool table room, 24-seater theatrette, karaoke room, TV lounge, reading room, private function room, cafe and dining are (to be ready soon).

Everyone can get involved in physical activities like yoga, zumba, tai chi, health talks and more.

Small and medium sized events can even be held at the clubhouse’s main hall that seats up to 200 people.

Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you have to totally change your lifestyle in the past, only maybe it is not as frequent as it used to be. But life doesn’t end when you’re old. “Life starts at 60”, this is what TI Homes believe in.

I would certainly recommend such a place to spend your older days in. Enrich your life always, until the end of your days.

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