FC Barcelona Asian Tour 2013 Meet & Greet

I have always loved joining contests and combine that with my love for football, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when Head & Shoulders Men Malaysia Facebook page announced the FC Barcelona Asian Tour 2013 Meet & Greet contest. At first glance the contest seemed easy to enter – just submit cheering photo or video to show your love for FC Barcelona and then you garner votes for your entry.

I was all good for making the video, involving my two brothers in the process. Nothing could deter me, not even my sore throat. But garnering the votes, now that’s another story. I am very bad at rallying votes for myself. I hated the task. If it weren’t for FC Barcelona, I would never have done it. But luck was on my side, and I was one of the Top 4 to get the highest votes.

August 10th was the eventful day. I was extremely ecstatic when I got the call that I won the Meet & Greet with FC Barcelona at One World Hotel, PJ. It is a once in a lifetime chance and I would not miss it for the world. I would not miss it even when a kid faked his way into the hall using my name and said that I (insert my real name) am his mom. I may have a Punjabi name but our age difference is too close to pass up as his mom and his face is SO unlike mine. The look on that kid’s face when the organizer and I caught him!

Before we enter the hall, the Head & Shoulders team had us wear the H&S t-shirts and our merchandises checked before we can use them for autograph. The rules laid out by FC Barcelona management are :

  1. Merchandises must be original
  2. Merchandises can only bear current main official sponsors names.
  3. Each winner can only bring ONE merchandise for autograph.

Luckily I bought original merchandises (with hologram tags still intact) so mine were cleared but some of the other winners who brought along FC Barcelona’s merchandises with old logos (Adidas for instance) were not allowed to bring into the autograph session. We also found out that Messi will not join the M&G. Some were disappointed while others were fuming. Due to that bad news though, H&S compromised and allowed us to bring TWO merchandises for autograph.

FC Barcelona Malaysia
Adam C was the MC of the day
Please don’t mind my kemetotness
That finger foam does not belong to Miley Cyrus

Adam C was the MC of the day.

He first introduced some of the VIPs around, we heard some speeches, played some games, took group photos and even learned some basic Spanish words before the two players; Pique and Pedro, graced us with their presence.

Gerard Pique walked in first and shook everybody’s hands before Pedro Ledesma followed suit. After a few minutes, both of them settled at the head of the table and one by one, the winners walked to the players, passed the merchandises to them, stand behind the players for a few photo opportunity and then walk away so that another winner can repeat the process.

The tall Pique greeting fans from Malaysia and Indonesia
Pedro signing

I was a little disappointed that the organizer kept rushing us off, like it would hurt to get a proper photo smiling into the camera. And it pissed me off that the person in charge of my camera (since they took hold of it) just don’t know how to take a good photo of me and the boys.


Since I didn’t get the official photo taken by the official photographer, this is as good as it gets of me with FC Barcelona’s Pique and Pedro.
Winners from Malaysia, Indonesia, sponsors and FC Barcelona players – Pique and Pedro.

There were 15 winners in total (5 from Malaysia and 10 from Indonesia). The M&G lasted for 20 minutes tops (including group photo) before the securities and their management team ushered the two players out.

Was I disappointed? I don’t know. I wished it would be longer. I wished that all the players were there. I wished this M&G was as friendly as the Arsenal FC M&G.

Alas, I still have two original FC Barcelona caps with both Pique’s and Pedro’s signatures to help make me feel happier. Every time I look at these merchandises with the signatures, all I can think of is how lucky I was to have met and spoke to them up close.

Definitely keeping these in the same glass case as my Arsenal signed cap

The M&G was not the only thing that we won. We also won VIP tickets to the football game between FC Barcelona and Malaysia XI that night. But that story will be in my next entry.

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